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This is Wyoming. Act Accordingly.

Represent County 6
Wyoming Shirts at their best. Locally designed clothing and goods for guys and gals to help you show off all that you love about the C6.
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Cozy Hoodies for skiing in jeans. Jeans not included.
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No one is too small to celebrate County 6. Local designs for youth, toddlers and babies.
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C6 - Earflap Hat
C6 - Earflap Hat
C6 - Earflap Hat
C6 - Earflap Hat
C6 - Earflap Hat
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Don't leave your ears out in the cold. Don't let your hat blow away on a windy day. Are you a flaps up, flaps down or flaps tied kind of person?


Quilted nylon hat with corduroy lined earflaps and a sliding leather adjustable strap in back. 

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Limited time
Community Designs
Each quarter we create a design to support a local community group, event or charity. For Winter 2021, we are bringing back, by popular demand, “I skijor in jeans” in more colors, shapes and sizes. A portions of the proceeds will go to keeping the Saratoga Skijor Racing event alive. Saratoga’s Skijoring event this year will be held at Buck Springs Rodeo grounds February 6-7, 2021. We hope to see you and your horse there!
Limited time
Limited time
Limited time
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County 6 Clothing Co.

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Diverse and full of good times, Carbon County deserves to be celebrated. From the cottonwood river bottoms to the snow packed mountain tops, this place calls to be explored and enjoyed. Now you can show your love for #County6 with a clothing company that is here to celebrate the place we all call home. This is Wyoming. Act accordingly.

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