Our Story

County 6 Clothing Co is the first lifestyle apparel brand focused on Carbon County. With a mission of celebrating this county, our towns, and the many aspects of life here, we offer carefully selected, high-quality shirts, hats, hoodies, and more, with custom created graphics to let the world know that you love this place.

County 6 Clothing Co was started by Danny Burau in late 2020. After discovering the incredible beauty and the people of Saratoga and the Platte Valley, he and his family made the move in 2016 to open their first business in town: Firewater Public House. As they worked to make their restaurant part of the community, the love of the area only grew, and he saw an opportunity to share that love and pride with others, so County 6 Clothing was born.

We have taken a careful approach with our partners to find the best quality, softest tees, on trend and comfortable hoodies, and the freshest styles in hats and other merch. If you want to represent County 6, we want to be sure that you can be proud of the way you wear it! Danny has a background in graphic design, and he has worked on branded apparel for various brands for nearly the last twenty years, so you can be sure he wants his own brand to be the best around. He is always looking for a fresh approach to the designs and the newest way for you to show off your love of Carbon County.

What does it mean?

Since you may be asking...

"County 6" refers to the first digit in the license plates for Carbon County. We have 23 counties in Wyoming, and every vehicle is assigned a number that begins with the county they're registered in.